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Power of Ideas Contests

THREE CONTESTS ARE FINISHED! SEE THE WINNING SUBMISSIONS BELOW. There are still 3 more contests available to win. The Fox Science Fair ($200), The Fox Student Costume Contest ($100) and the Public Costume Contest ($100) See below for criteria.
$100 – Digital Poster Contest – WINNER – MARC ASAMOAH


$100 – Event Logo Sticker -WINNER Lin Tsai-Ni

$100 -Ask a Physicist Contest – WINNERS – AHMET GURSES/JACKSON – “If the universe is ever expanding (expanding and growing as it is now), what would be ahead of or before the expanding universe, and what is the universe expanding into?”
 $200 – Science Fair Contest- Feb 2nd from 4pm-9pm (Open to ALL SD43 Students K-12)

Perform your own original science experiment. Create a display board explaining the results. People walk around the small gym Feb 2nd and vote. ALL SD43 students K-12 eligible!


  • DESIGN your own unique science experiment before Dec 14th.
  • SUBMIT a DRAFT of your experiment ideas to Ms. Lawson ( by Dec 14th.
  • PERFORM your own original science experiment before Jan 18th
  • CREATE a display board explaining the results.
  • EMAIL a picture of your display board to Ms. Lawson by Jan 18th( )
  • EXPLAIN your experiment to people as they walk around the small gym on Feb 2nd.
  • WIN the popular vote on Feb 2nd and receive a $200 cash prize.More info about science fair contests: Science Fair Foundation of BC
$100 – Public Costume Contest – Feb 2nd from 4pm-9pm (Open to EVERYONE)


The photo booth will be set up in the commons and ANYONE wearing SCIENCE costumes can add their name and email to our list of contestants and have their photo taken.

The photos will be judged after the event by Ms. Dodic’s class. Winner will be notified by email.

$100 – Student Costume Contest – Feb 2nd (Open to Terry Fox Students Only)

At lunch , the stage will be set up in the commons and students wearing SCIENCE costumes can stroll the catwalk and the audience will applaud the loudest for the best costume.

Winner judged LIVE by Mr. Radic at lunch on Feb 2nd