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Finger Food Studios for a $300 Robotics contribution in 2018 and an incredible donation in 2017 of a Sphero Robot 12 Pack!!

 Long and McQuade for a Keyar!

Robotix Education for a GoFundMe donation!

GoFundMe Description:

My name is Edward Csuka and I am a Physics Educator at Terry Fox Secondary. Our school, in the hometown of our nation’s icon, is fast becoming the place to be for scientific innovation.

We are hosting The Power of Ideas national tour 0n February 2nd, 2017 and we are determined to put on an exhilaratingly charged educational event. It is coming to us free of charge from Canada’s Innovation150 initiative. With the decor, prizes, signage and costs that make it spectacular for all, we are gratefully looking for funding. We also have wishlist items like: a keytar (guitar/piano) for our Rock the Fox Students (who are playing live at the event), 3D printers for science/tech teachers, robotics equipment for our Robotics Club, tropical aquariums for biology and a permanent, GPS  controlled observatory for our students and our community when we could host Starry Nights.

During our big POI event, we are also putting on a Fox Science Fair that is open to all students in our district. Fox is brimming with exceptional students who have big ideas that would benefit from funding. One student who came to me, named Ali, is an international student from Iran who has 3D designed an artificial heart that he believes is superior to those being put in humans today. In order to turn his ideas into reality, he needs to print his design on a 3D printer and acquire specialized batteries and pumps. I am trying to find him funding through the BC Inventors Society and other government sources and we are looking for people who recognize and understand the magnitude of these up and coming brilliant minds and will support generously.

Ali isn’t our only student with big ideas, so I created a new club called the Terry Fox Innovation Society to bring inventive young minds together every day at lunch.

This Terry Fox Innovation Fund is %100 for the students of Terry Fox Secondary and is not for profit. The funds will be deposited directly to the school. If you would like to contribute to Ali and the rest of the students at Fox, your help would be greatly appreciated. The free public open house is from 4pm to 9pm on Thursday Feb 2nd.

For more info on the Power of Ideas Tour:

Thank you in advance for your support,

Edward Csuka
Terry Fox Secondary Physics Educator

If you have any questions, please email