Innovation Society (TFIS)

Terry Fox Innovation Society

The Terry Fox Innovation Society is a club that runs every day in room 104. We are a collection of inventors and entrepreneurs who work together to bring new and innovative products into reality. We design our own products with 3D modelling software and we print them on our 3D Printer. We sell our products in the hopes of raising funds to purchase more 3D printers and maybe a Laser Cutter for the school. Thanks to the team, we had a very successful craft fair in November 2017. See us in room 104 at Terry Fox or email to purchase one of our Featured Products below that were all designed and made here.

  • Our products are made from environmentally friendly %100 biodegradable PLA derived from cornstarch.

Featured Products:

#1 DAD Sculpture ($5) – Your DAD will love this 3D Optical illusion. Look one way and you see #1, then turn it to see DAD. These treasures take 3 hours to print using a dissolvable material that supports the overhangs. Then we spin it in water for 3 hours to remove the supports.

See TIMELAPSE VIDEO of the #1 DAD creation



The Beauty Blender Baby($5) – keep your beauty sponge clean, dry and free of mold!

Glow in the Dark Mother’s Day Keychain (just $1!)

Show your mother you love her and help her find her keys in her purse with this little gem. It was the first item we started selling!


Emoji Faces ($2 each)

How are you feeling?

Raven Pride keychain ($2)

Are you proud to be a Terry Fox Raven? Let everyone know with your cool keychain.

Pumpkin Candle Holders ($3)

Bring on the Halloween spirit with these cute little guys

Fidget Spinners $5 – $10


Notable Projects:

The Heart – This heart is the reason we got our Ultimaker 3! A sstudent designed this artificial heart and has ideas on how to improve the power source.

The Grad 2018 Keychain evolution – Designed in conjuction with our 2018 After Grad Committee who purchased 400 of the final design on the right. Then they gave one as a gift to all our grads this year!

Apples for the Teachers  Over a 100 little FOX ROX apples were given out to every teacher as a Thank You for their support of the Power of Ideas Tour.

Dungeons and Dragons Dice Tower (Ittai Geliebter)

Other Cool Prints