Robotics Club

Our Terry Fox Robotics Club has been growing steadily since September 2015. The club meets every day at lunch and after school competing in local and provincial competitions. We recently received a PAC grant for our new VEX Robot kit and we will be competing soon. Below is a gallery of photos and at the bottom is our video gallery.

The VEX team competed in their first competition on Feb 18th and made it to the semifinals of the consolation round. A great result for the first time out. Good job!

See all the pictures and videos of the matches click here

THANKS FINGER FOODS STUDIOS for your generous sponsorship of the Robotics Club! And thank you for the exclusive tour of the world’s largest Holodeck here in Port Coquitlam. What a mind blowing experience it was to walk around a hologram of a Circ De Soleil performer!



More pictures and videos on Google Drive:

Nov 2017 – Group Sumo Competition

Before Nov 2017